65 million years ago the reign of the dinosaurs vanished from our planet. And now, with the help of science and technology, we brought them back to present time, with the stunning animatronic exhibition, “Days of the Dinosaur”, which is by far, the most fascinating, entertaining, and educational dinosaur exhibit on the road today. A time machine trip to the Mesozoic Era, our exhibitions have been conceived to be historically accurate. Each visitor will have a unique and unforgettable experience, equally educational, but more exciting and moving that being at a museum. The dinosaurs have been constructed to specific requirements: the species, quantities, sizes, and movements have been specially chosen by our team of paleontologists. We count with more than 200 animatronic dinosaurs distributed all over the world in different kits. The different types of exhibitions (between 2000 to 6000 square meter) have been design with the specific aim of being respectful of scientific research, without leaving aside the delightful, entertaining side of nature´s evolution. These breathtaking dinosaurs are built under strict requirements and designed for high-end audiences. This means that we choose each species quantities, sizes, movements, and routines following the professional advice of our palaeontology team.

The dinosaurs we present in all our exhibitions move many parts of their bodies; some of them even move their eyes, tongues and fingers, depending on the interaction between the species we have laid out for each scene. In the exhibitions, visitors can get to discover some of the less well-known species along with the “titans” so cherished by children and moviegoers alike, but, in all cases, the experience will include didactic and serious approach as to the evolution of these animals, their classification, their living habitats, and so on. The cover story for the exhibition goes as follows: after entering the hall, the whole journey begins in a dark box-like room, a “Time Machine” were we count back 250 million years. Then the walk around the maze, where every scene is as different and surprising as the previous one: “live” scenes created with huge painted backdrops and a jungle of artificial plants and theatrical lighting effects to it all even more alive and enticing. Its main objective is for the audience to live and share a unique experience, one that is just more exciting and moving than visiting a museum because of the breathless landscapes and scenarios that recreate prehistoric animal life.



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